Connor Lowe of Lowe Quality has a new edit featured on Lowcard full of tons of east coast goodness. The video was filmed entirely in Connecticut and New York and features the likes of John Silk and other east coast rippers. Check below…

Connor Lowe and the dudes over at Lowe Quality made this rad edit that seems so “on it” it’s ridiculous. We love seeing people get after it even if their hill is made up of a mostly dirt and rainy conditions. Cheers to the people out there having fun day in and day out.

Featuring: John Silk, Nick McCarthy, Jackson Happ, Cody Amstead, Randy Garfield, Ben Denard, Tristan Cornelis and Dan Leary.


Weather Mtn x Lowe Quality Feat. John Silk from Lowe Quality on Vimeo.

Somedays you just need a good pizza. I mean, most days you just need a good pizza. We finished off a solid day of work here at WeatherMTN with a trip to The Lake Arrowhead Pizza Deli (aka The Deli) to hangout with our good friend Sean and eat some GREAT pizza.

The LA shirt is now available in both Faded Red (shown) and Classic Navy. Click the photo for a jump to the online shop.

The LA shirt is now available in both Faded Red (shown) and Classic Navy.



A sight for sore eyes.

A damn good looking pizza.

Sean enjoying the fruits of his labor.

Sean enjoying the fruits of his labor.

We got a chance to catch up with our good friend Chris Scholtz the other day and see what he’s been up to. It’s always good seeing him and talking design, music and future projects. Keep an eye out for him in the future! He’s definitely going to be making people take notice.

Oliver Dixon killing it during SUPERPARK 20 at Mammoth Mountain last week. For more coverage visit SNOWBOARDER.

Photo courtesy of Snowboarder / Shot by: T. Bird

Photo courtesy of Snowboarder / Shot by: T. Bird


If you like old snowboards chances are you like this board. Noah Salasnek was about as cool as cool could get and this board is just another testament to that.

Our friend Beer Savage is the proud owner of this board and was nice enough to share it with us at the office the other day. Just if anyone out there is wondering, we already call dibs if he decides to get rid of it someday.





It just so happens that we were checking out this board at the Active Ride Shop office and this old 686 with Noah was on one of the desks.

It just so happens that we were checking out this board at the Active Ride Shop office and this old 686 with Noah was on one of the desks. Looks straight out of….2016?

Pretty sure those are Independents.

Pretty sure those are Independents.

One more for the road

One more for the road.

The dudes over at Cryptic Films have made a hell of a film this past year with their newest movie, “Decoded”. Take a look at the first installment of the film which features WeatherMTN’s own Oliver Dixon. Head to their online shop and pick up a copy of the full length movie for yourself.

We are pleased to announce a new project with our friends over at Lost Dog Collective called “The Lost Sessions”. We are kicking things off proper with No-Fi and The She’s and will continue to bring you new live recorded videos as the week goes on. For more information regarding Lost Dog and The Lost Sessions visit their Youtube page and website.

Richie and the rest of Sunset Liquor & Lotto showing the tourists how to have a good time during this holiday season.

Holiday Hot Laps from Sunset Liquor & Lotto on Vimeo.

The 4th of July happened last week and we made sure that we celebrated the birth of our country the only way we know how, with a giant party on Lake Arrowhead. “North Baywatch” was the theme this year so we we brought out the red shorts and one pieces while providing the best public service that we could offer. Basically, we all got hammered.
northbay_01 northbay_02 northbay_03 northbay_04 northbay_05 northbay_06 northbay_07 northbay_08 northbay_09 northbay_10 northbay_11 northbay_12 northbay_13 northbay_14 northbay_15 northbay_16 northbay_17 northbay_18 northbay_19 northbay_20 northbay_21 northbay_22 northbay_23

Oliver Woodrow Dixon’s full part from this past year!


On June 16th, 2013 I recieved the worst news of my entire life.

My father (Oliver Woodrow Dixon the Third) had passed away in a kayaking accident…

On Father’s Day.

I felt like the best way to honor his memory would be to not only continue doing the things I love but get my shit in gear and finally put out a full part. It’s something I’ve wanted to do since I was in elementary school.

Snowboarding and adventuring with my father has been the most fullfilling and important thing I’ve done in my life thus far and I’d like to think I make him proud.

– Oliver Woodrow Dixon the Fourth

Our dude Oliver Dixon has been hitting the road these past few weeks and filming everything in the process. There isn’t really much to say about what is going on other than that it is awesome. Checkout episodes 1-3 below and make sure to keep checking back here and on Yobeat for more episodes in the near future.