Go back to the Valley, Kook.

Some years take longer than others for us to start our winter and this one was definitely the one that was put off the longest. With a combination of busyness, laziness, less than ideal weather and our delayed efforts to get season passes squared away; it was the beginning of 2012 and we still hadn’t made it up.

What we found when we arrived was a Snow Valley with a slight breath of fresh air. There was more snow than we actually thought there was going to be, the park was mixed up for the first time in years, and we saw all the people who we thought we were going to run into.

Spring riding in January.

Arctic Circle

Travis getting life lessons from Dr. Bill.

The Ehe's Suburban is more of a part of Snow Valley than 99% of the people here.

We ran into our good friends Tarah and Holly in the parking lot. I've known both these girls since the first grade so its always good to cross paths with them.

Sean and his liquid lunch.

After riding we went over to meet up with our friends Jason Stehmeier and Drake Bialecki to take some photos, get some future projects rolling and talk about what they’ve both been up to. Make sure to check back for theirĀ Friends section that is going to be dropping in the next couple of days!

Jason's Studio

Huge thanks to these two guys for spending the day with us and letting us take a few photos!