One good thing about there being no snow is that all the trails are clear. We took advantage of that this weekend and took a little hike to one of my favorite summer spots on the mountain.  Evan Mills came along and instantly found an awesome native site at the beginning of the journey. The San Bernardino Mountains were home to the Serrano Tribe and are among his favorite climates to survey. It was a fun trip with a little bit of history in the mix.

Flat ground, Boulders, Surrounded by Oak Trees = Archaeological Goldmine

One of many mortar's in that site.

Natural chair mortar. He found the original stone grinder a few ft from the chair.

A recent flood filled our cliff jumping spot with sand. Total bummer!

This creek feeds the Mojave River.

Megan trying her best not to fall in. Not really sure what she's wearing though.

Finished the night up with some tunes from my buddies band, Mtn Brew.

We met up with our old friends Jordan and Dani Cathey to get some much needed business cards printed and pressed. Since the idea of business cards is somewhat of a dated concept, we figured we would go the full nine and use a letterpress process that many would say is dated itself.

Over the past few years, Jordan and Dani have been teaching themselves letterpress in their garage. Working under the name, Noteworthy Letterpress, they have had steady work since their beginning in 2010 and are looking to continue to grow as time goes on. With no formal training and this skill being lost to more modern machinery, their quality and knowledge is more than impressive.

"Noteworthy Letterpress"

Matching up the Pantone colors by hand.

I guess this makes us official.

Some years take longer than others for us to start our winter and this one was definitely the one that was put off the longest. With a combination of busyness, laziness, less than ideal weather and our delayed efforts to get season passes squared away; it was the beginning of 2012 and we still hadn’t made it up.

What we found when we arrived was a Snow Valley with a slight breath of fresh air. There was more snow than we actually thought there was going to be, the park was mixed up for the first time in years, and we saw all the people who we thought we were going to run into.

Spring riding in January.

Arctic Circle

Travis getting life lessons from Dr. Bill.

The Ehe's Suburban is more of a part of Snow Valley than 99% of the people here.

We ran into our good friends Tarah and Holly in the parking lot. I've known both these girls since the first grade so its always good to cross paths with them.

Sean and his liquid lunch.

After riding we went over to meet up with our friends Jason Stehmeier and Drake Bialecki to take some photos, get some future projects rolling and talk about what they’ve both been up to. Make sure to check back for their Friends section that is going to be dropping in the next couple of days!

Jason's Studio

Huge thanks to these two guys for spending the day with us and letting us take a few photos!

We ventured up to my hometown to check out some untapped resources that have become available for public use these past few years due to a little treatment from mother nature. While our seasonal wildfires prove to be detrimental to most, we were able to find a few of the benefits of this clearing of space. It’s not everyday when your local ski resort becomes National Forest again so we had to take advantage of the situation.

The snow was pretty variable in spots and some of the foundations were still exposed. Josh found this out the hard way and made friends with one of the rusty bolts.

Good as new.

Logs and Barricades.

It started to snow so we decided to go to the top.


These photos are from a disposable waterproof camera that I had picked up a while back for our Owens River float. I misplaced this camera under the driver’s seat in my car for a while so it’s good to finally see these photos.

Pizza places are by far the best places to hang out. They have pizza, beer, video games, air hockey, tv… I mean come on, is there a better dining experience?

These both saw alot of action.

Each game was more intense than the last.

The night got a little blurry.

Sneaky bastard took my money.

Dave owns the place and still lost!

Still get to make our own pie's whenever we come here.

Richie Conklin is down for WeatherMTN. Check him wearing the Compass Crest hoodie in this weeks Sunday in the Park.

Video courtesy of Transworld Snowboarding.

I headed up to Portland, Oregon with my family last week to go and visit the rest of my family who already lives up there. It was a great trip and we caught an unusual amount of sunshine so we found ourselves walking around most of the time enjoying what the city has to offer.

We need food carts like this back at home.

Currently in the market for a company vehicle.

Kill it.

If you're looking for something you can't find for your collection, cruise here. They've got a pretty ridiculous t-shirt lineup too.

Speaking of t-shirts, we picked this little gem up for Tall Todd.

If there is one thing I like, it’s a good craft beer. Every city I go to I try to hit the local brew pub or find a bar that has local beer on tap. The San Diego Brewers Guild festival was the kick off event to San Diego Beer Week, a week long festival of beer that celebrates local craft beer. San Diego is a beer city, the city’s breweries recently brought home a record 20 medals at the 30th annual Great American Beer Festival and in 2010, won more medals at the World Beer Cup than the traditional beer countries of England, Germany and Belgium combined. Needless to say good beer and good times were had.

Alot of people.

The brewers were there servin up the coldies.

My favorite.

Fuck Yeah.

I really wish I remembered the names to all of these.

This is our friend Ben Price. He is an incredibly talented human and by that, I mean he is good at everything he does. He is in grad school up in Humboldt, CA stimulating his mind and this is something he put together for one of his classes. This was done first take and is just a glimpse of what he is capable of. Everything you see and hear is Ben. He has done a lot of really cool projects in the past and has some even better ones planned. We will be updating you all on that as it unravels.