This past weekend we went to The Observatory in Santa Ana for Psycho De Mayo. This event has been high on our list of attending for the past few years but for some reason always slipped by without us there. This year was different however and despite it being on Mother’s Day we knew that we couldn’t pass it up.

We got to the show a bit late because Sunday proved to be busier with work than expected but got there just in time to catch Saint Vitus melt everyone’s faces.

Saint Vitus

Saint Vitus

After they finished their set we migrated closer to the stage and found our spot that would be our home for the rest of the night. You really can’t beat the barriers at the side of the stage so we felt that it would best to stay put and enjoy the rest of the night.





So much hair.

So much hair.

Dead Meadow.

Dead Meadow.

Bobby Liebling of Pentagram.

The legendary Bobby Liebling and Pentagram, the band that almost never was.

Psycho De Mayo.

Psycho De Mayo.

This past weekend we caught The Black Angels at the Belly Up in Solana Beach. The house was packed and The Black Angels gave a great show. They are currently touring in support of their new album, “Indigo Meadow” and are one of our favorite live acts to watch. Make sure you check them out if you get a chance.






Ended up coming home with this rad, hand-screened print for the office.

Ended up coming home with this rad, hand-screened print for the office.

Last night Black Mountain and Sleep Sun played at The Casbah in San Diego. The Casbah is about the size of your local dive bar and both these bands shred so it made for quite the face melting experience.

San Diego's finest.

San Diego’s finest.

Sleepy Sun

Sleepy Sun

blackmtn_03 blackmtn_04

Black Mountain

Black Mountain

blackmtn_06 blackmtn_07 blackmtn_08 blackmtn_09 blackmtn_10 blackmtn_11 blackmtn_12

Rad old building spotted on the walk back to the car.

Rad old building spotted on our walk back to the car.

NOFX played at Grenade games and it was awesome. Mothers with children quickly left the premises after explanations of felching, blowjobs and obscene jokes began flowing from the microphone. For and hour and a half they transformed the fun loving family playground, Mammoth Mtn Main Lodge, into a full blown show.

395 North


Fat Mike called this kid a poser in front of everyone because he didn’t have any patches on his jacket. I felt bad for him.

Mark Liscak from Flow somewhere in the mix.


Hell yeah!

The entire show seemed to be dedicated to throwing snowballs at NOFX. They didn’t give a shit. It was awesome.

The Black Angels and The Horrors played a show at The Belly Up in Solana Beach on April 19th so a few of us ventured south to see the show. I’ve seen both of the bands once before but it’s always nice when two good bands pair up for a few shows.

We walked in right as The Black Angels had started their set.

The Horrors came out next. The Belly Up is the perfect size in my opinion, it's not too small to make you claustrophobic but no matter where you stand or when you show up you can see the stage.

Travis making friends.

The Horrors finished out the evening playing a great set but stuck to songs from their two most recent albums; Skying and Primary Colors. I would have loved to hear just ONE song off of Strange House but who am I to make those decisions?

Obligatory light trails photo.

Went up for our buddy Jared’s bachelor trip.  Scored some pretty sweet pow, grabbed some rail, bagged some airtime, and finally got see what everyone has been talking about. I have to say; its the best place around.

1st stop. Portland, OR.

Picked our buddy Dan up in Seattle. ICED him the second he got in the truck.

11am on a Wednesday…

Draw’s an interesting crowd.

A good sign at 900 ft.

Drivin up. Mt. Baker road gap

“Insert cliche chairlift photo here”

One good thing about there being no snow is that all the trails are clear. We took advantage of that this weekend and took a little hike to one of my favorite summer spots on the mountain.  Evan Mills came along and instantly found an awesome native site at the beginning of the journey. The San Bernardino Mountains were home to the Serrano Tribe and are among his favorite climates to survey. It was a fun trip with a little bit of history in the mix.

Flat ground, Boulders, Surrounded by Oak Trees = Archaeological Goldmine

One of many mortar's in that site.

Natural chair mortar. He found the original stone grinder a few ft from the chair.

A recent flood filled our cliff jumping spot with sand. Total bummer!

This creek feeds the Mojave River.

Megan trying her best not to fall in. Not really sure what she's wearing though.

Finished the night up with some tunes from my buddies band, Mtn Brew.

Winter has been an important part in the development of WeatherMTN. While it hasn’t been the deciding factor on everything that we stand for, it has been an undeniable influence. These are a few of our favorite images from the the past few months.