In the late 1920’s, crime boss Bugsy Siegel opened an inn located in Lake Arrowhead Villas, known as Braken Fern Manor.  The establishment was a favorite to the wealthy and Hollywood elite of the era.  Siegel offered his high paying guests amenities such as a brothel and speakeasy, taking full advantage of the mountain’s seclusion.

A favorite of brothel visitors and Siegel alike was a prostitute named Violet. Siegel’s feelings went well beyond business when he had Violet’s lover killed out of pure jealousy.  Violet responded to Siegel’s actions by taking her own life.

While Siegel moved on to bigger and better things, it is rumored that Violet never actually left Braken Fern Manor.  People have reported sightings of Violet and her son over the years.  It is said that her Violet scented perfume can be smelled at random times throughout the inn.

Braken Fern Manor is currently open for business and is now considered a Historical Landmark of California.

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