Film Roll//Agenda

I love shooting in film. The colors are better, the screw ups are better, blurriness is excusable and you get a nice break from the world of instant gratification.

That break from instant gratification however is a double edged sword. The lag time between events and posts drives us nuts sometimes. Awesome things are happening with WeatherMTN on a daily basis and we want to be able to show you as soon as possible.

With that being said, we are going to be incorporating other cameras and styles of photography into this blog on a more regular basis. The film wont go away, it will just be more focused into a Film Roll post like the one below.


A few weeks ago we showed our Summer and Fall 2013 lines at Agenda. It was good to see old friends, make new ones and show everyone what we have been working on. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and said hello!

After setup we cruised around downtown Long Beach.

Grabbed some dinner with Matt from GoodWorth and Co. and our good friend Jeff from The Free Rider Press.

I saw Kelly bright and early in the morning as I was walking to our booth. Her and I use to work together a few years back and now she’s making moves over at Toms Shoes.

Tori and Monique cold chillin’ at the Monster Children booth.

Megan giving us her approval on the new seasons.

Our good friends from Coalatree (minus Charlie).

Dakota at Goodworth and Co’s booth

Trevor is also in town for the event.

Larry made it down to Long Beach for the evening. Always good to see this guy.

A few of us went over to Port LBC to check out the “Port Folio” photo show they were putting on with The Skateboard Mag.

My favorite photo of the show. Ian Mackay by Atiba Jefferson.

Testing the beds for comfort.

Met the dudes from VNM on the second day. Check their site and pick up some rad stuff.

Morgnar stopped by to show us his cool new Huf hat.


Power couple Kristin and Tristan. Congratulations to Tristan on his new position with Altamont!

Kelley getting tubed.

Adam is a good friend of mine from college and is now killing it over at Transworld. We first met when we were assigned to the same project group in “Introduction to Marketing” at Cal State San Marcos. From then on out, we figured out ways to end up in each others groups. We worked together so well that it was almost unfair to the others in the class.

A huge thanks to everyone from The Agenda Show for the continued support. We can’t wait for the next one!