Change of Plans

Winter finally decided to come around and provide us with a little bit of snow before it called it quits for the year. The storm wrapped up a bit early and between that and work, I couldn’t make it to Mammoth on the right days. Instead, I ended up driving home in hope of catching a good combination of new snow and no crowds. Snow Valley didn’t let me down and kept it classy with an, “Earn Your Turns” opening of Slide Peak with 33 inches of new snow.

Since Chair 9 was closed, a quick hike back was necessary to access the runs and Chair 11. This was my view from my first time up on Chair 11.

It was a given I would see Dr. Bill here on the first run.

Sean graced us with his presence as well.

The San Bernardino National Forest

Matt was able to take about an hour off of work and take a few runs with me. He's definitely one of my favorite people to cruise around a mountain with.

As always, sorry for the lack of “riding” photos. It was just too good of a time to stop and take a photo. Hopefully we can get one more storm before we’re all said and done for the year. If not, it’s time to go up north for a bit.