Day Hike

One good thing about there being no snow is that all the trails are clear. We took advantage of that this weekend and took a little hike to one of my favorite summer spots on the mountain.  Evan Mills came along and instantly found an awesome native site at the beginning of the journey. The San Bernardino Mountains were home to the Serrano Tribe and are among his favorite climates to survey. It was a fun trip with a little bit of history in the mix.

Flat ground, Boulders, Surrounded by Oak Trees = Archaeological Goldmine

One of many mortar's in that site.

Natural chair mortar. He found the original stone grinder a few ft from the chair.

A recent flood filled our cliff jumping spot with sand. Total bummer!

This creek feeds the Mojave River.

Megan trying her best not to fall in. Not really sure what she's wearing though.

Finished the night up with some tunes from my buddies band, Mtn Brew.