Brewing the New Year in Right

I know it’s a little late for a new year’s reference but, I got some new equipment for Christmas and finally found the time to try it out.  It now looks a bit like an amateur meth lab, which, probably has the neighbors talking…oh well.  Brewing is actually fairly simple. As long as you keep everything sanitized and do certain steps at the right time, you will make beer. It may not be good but, it’s beer. Another good suggestion I’ve heard is; “Don’t start drinking until the time sensitive steps are complete.” Well, take that how you will. We start right away and justify it by pawning it off on the old “inspiration” excuse.

We used a combination of Munich/Special Roast/Maris Otter Malts that we are hoping will add a more full bodied flavor.  A good IPA has it’s own hoppy bitterness and aroma so we used a combination of 3 different hop families. The one’s that will stand out are the Cascade hops which we used in the boil and to dry hop in the fermenter.  The rest is up to your own imagination.  For all you home brewers out there here are are the specs we are expecting to see.

O.G. =1.075-1.078

F.G.= 1.012-1.014


No twist offs for bottling. Another excuse to drink good beer.

Maximum BTU's.


Gotta have brewer's boots.


Fermenting. Now we wait.