Things are about to get going here within the next week or so and we wanted to get you all up to speed with what we’re all about. We’ve been talking about the idea of this “brand” for longer than we can remember and its turned into something that none of us would have imagined. Instead of jumping straight into this from the get go, we wanted to make sure what we were doing was what we actually wanted to do. We wanted to make it for us, we wanted to make it something unique. What we have created is something that truly represents who we are and what we’re into. To give you a better understand of this idea, we have cleaned out our inspiration folders and photo albums and have turned them into two blog posts. These images are of things we have collected, places we have been and people who have inspired us. This post is split into two sections; Summer and Winter. Since Summer is just around the corner, we figure it would be a good place to start. Enjoy.