There is a time in your life when you realize that your parents were cooler than you and did better things than you did. This happens for me every time my dad hits me up with some random thing that he finds in his basement or a lost box in the garage. I love digging through these old boxes, especially when I come across an old strip of film that my dad shot in his youth.

This time I was able to find two rolls from a day at the off-road races at the Riverside International Raceway. The raceway opened in 1957 and was the home to six different courses, both street and off-road. For 30 years this place was a destination for the Inland Empire and became home to the racing scene in Southern California. However, a demand for dollars took place and in 1988 the track saw it’s final year. The land where the track was located was turned into what is now known as the Moreno Valley Mall at Towngate.


Without further ado, here is a glimpse into Inland Empire history courtesy of the Riverside International Raceway (via 1979).


Quality Crew

Quality Crew



Way in front.

Way in front.



The races weren't the only attraction.

The races weren’t the only attraction.







This guy has figured it out.

This guy has figured it out.

This guy, not so much.

This guy, not so much.

More lurking.

More lurking.

Lots of butts in these photos.

Lots of butts in these photos.

Buzz, your girlfriend, WOOF!

Buzz, your girlfriend, WOOF!



Clearly he was making the rounds.

Getting up.

Getting up.

One of my dad's other friends was having some better luck.

One of my dad’s other friends was having some better luck.


Full lineup.

Full lineup.

One more for good measure.

One more for good measure.

WeatherMTN provides many attractions and rides that interest the children and grownups alike. This colorful fun-spot in a unique mountain setting is located on Highway 330 just a few miles below Running Springs.


A good friend decided he didn’t want this anymore so I gladly took over ownership. I’ve got a hard time saying no to these old corduroy hats so if anyone else has any good ones get at that Contact Page!


These old corduroy hats played a major influence in our Holcomb hat from a few seasons back. If you picked one of those up from us, THANK YOU! If you didn’t, make sure you check out our Club hat that is currently available in the Online Shop and at Tactics Board Shop.


Recently I came across a box of old VW Trends Magazines while cruising around my local swap meet. Sure the cars throughout the magazine are great but the classy ladies that grace the pages are the real reason for my purchase. Here are a few of the winners from the stack that I found.

(All images copyright of VW Trends Magazine, McMullen Publishing Company)

Here’s a few photos from a roll of film that I shot back on America’s Birthday. We did exactly what we should have done on 4th of July and blew some stuff up.

Our good friends Clint Walker and Clive Dixon stopped by to enjoy the festivities. Ambig’s got these guys hooked up for their ability on a skateboard and there’s no question why. Expect big things from these dudes.

Test run.

Took a skate around the block. Matt from Good Worth and Co. is in full celebration mode.

Handheld firecrackers.

Lemmy hates The 4th of July.

The backyard wasn't providing enough space so we made our way out to the streets.


I have been hearing about this place for a while now. Finally, found time to go check em out. Turns out to be a “not so hidden” gem.

I would rather not meet these kids, pretty rad for sand text though.

If you are bold enough to climb that ladder, there is a pretty sweet cave up there.


Alot of sweet stuff to explore down there.

Sweet view from the top.

One good thing about there being no snow is that all the trails are clear. We took advantage of that this weekend and took a little hike to one of my favorite summer spots on the mountain.  Evan Mills came along and instantly found an awesome native site at the beginning of the journey. The San Bernardino Mountains were home to the Serrano Tribe and are among his favorite climates to survey. It was a fun trip with a little bit of history in the mix.

Flat ground, Boulders, Surrounded by Oak Trees = Archaeological Goldmine

One of many mortar's in that site.

Natural chair mortar. He found the original stone grinder a few ft from the chair.

A recent flood filled our cliff jumping spot with sand. Total bummer!

This creek feeds the Mojave River.

Megan trying her best not to fall in. Not really sure what she's wearing though.

Finished the night up with some tunes from my buddies band, Mtn Brew.

A few photos from this past week.

iPhone tricks

The Stepkids at The Casbah

Snow Valley Circa 1983

Skated Travis’ backyard


“But Hans, she looks like my mirror.”

Matt came by wearing this gem.

This would have been a picture of a person with a kitchen stove in their mouth. But now its a picture of a guy wearing a polo shirt.

Searching for a bit of inspiration.

International Champion

Cassidy Street.

Winter has been an important part in the development of WeatherMTN. While it hasn’t been the deciding factor on everything that we stand for, it has been an undeniable influence. These are a few of our favorite images from the the past few months.

Things are about to get going here within the next week or so and we wanted to get you all up to speed with what we’re all about. We’ve been talking about the idea of this “brand” for longer than we can remember and its turned into something that none of us would have imagined. Instead of jumping straight into this from the get go, we wanted to make sure what we were doing was what we actually wanted to do. We wanted to make it for us, we wanted to make it something unique. What we have created is something that truly represents who we are and what we’re into. To give you a better understand of this idea, we have cleaned out our inspiration folders and photo albums and have turned them into two blog posts. These images are of things we have collected, places we have been and people who have inspired us. This post is split into two sections; Summer and Winter. Since Summer is just around the corner, we figure it would be a good place to start. Enjoy.