Some days are better than others…then some days are ones you talk about for years to come. These photos here are from a 35mm film roll from 2 seasons ago that was lost in the center console of a pickup truck.

The weather predictions were calling for 4+ feet overnight. Sean, Travis and myself hopped in the truck and rallied up the 395 to get ours. What we found was a perfect weekday of few clouds, fewer people and waist deep snow. We brought the point and shoot to help document the day.

Top of the Gondola

Lost in the Woods

Chairlift photos are the result of too much stoke on the runs


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Quick Safety Meeting after we made our way from the backside to the other side of the mountain.

In good company

Top of the Tail

Sean dropping first

Travis following Sean’s tracks leaving the right side open for the “photographer”.

Headed home.

But not before a stop at Mahogany Meats in Bishop, CA

Until next time…